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Welcome to our France travel site..France is the largest country in western Europe, geographically one of the most diverse, and certainly among the most beautiful. Its cities contain some of the greatest treasures in Europe; its countryside is prosperous and well tended. The French combine practicality with romance; they lead a stylish life, eat delicious food and bask in a pleasant climate.Historically, France has developed the notion of equality for all and, while retaining its sense of tradition, remains a forward-looking country. Over the past half century, for instance, the French have forged ahead in modern technology. France is a country of contrasts, making it a delight to explore.The best time to travel France is April (mild climate) to August (hot summer).

As you travel around France you'll notice how sparsely populated the land is compared to most other European countries. Miles go past without a sign of a town or village, yet the land is mostly cultivated, forested or tended in some way. France has always been an agricultural country, and today is the largest agricultural producer and exporter in the European Union.Expedia offers France vacation packages at cheap rate.

In a country as geographically varied as France there is bound to be a diverse range of architecture, as styles evolved to suit the environment. In southern rural areas, the population lived in easily defensible communities and worked the fields daily, leaving a legacy of picturesque hilltop villages, with narrow streets for shelter against the fierce sun. In the mountains the design was dictated by the climate, and cozy wooden chalets evolved, with steep or flat roofs depending on the region.

Pleasures Food and drink are among the national pleasures of France, and much time is spent shopping for and preparing food. Although modern life has taken its toll, fast food, frozen meals and "grazing" items are not considered mealtime options. If the French can't be bothered to cook, they can pick up exquisite, freshly prepared dishes from a traiteur, a type of delicatessen.

French wines need no introduction, and visitors can enjoy winery visits and tastings in all the wineproducing areas. This is the country that produces champagne, internationally famous scents, and some of the world's most desirable clothes and accessories. You'll find that prices won't differ hugely from those back home, but the satisfaction is great from buying luxuries in their native land. Expect a wealth of experience and pleasure in France: natural beauty, historic cities and good value despite the relatively high cost of living. Frequent bus and train services are available to travel around the France.Make a tour to France and enjoy the life.

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